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At Bespoke Glass Structures we have had a vast experience over the past 30 years and embraced the modern change in glass technology and enhanced the change to everyday living of all of our previous clients. Please see below some of our previous projects below.

98 North Street

This project in Purely, South London, used our frameless glass link to connect an outer building and their main home - the link allowed the family to ensure that their children was safe at all times when being able to access their games room.

BBC Wales

This stunning project in Wales Left our client with tears of happiness when we completed the job, this project enabled our client to not only give value to her property linking her house to her extension, it allowed her to work from home as she was a news presenter, giving her immense views over a beautiful lake behind.

Christchurch street

This Frameless glass extenstion in london opens up and floods this room with natural day light giving a perfect living space. The use of our walk on glass floors allows natural light the pass between two layers of the building into the basement. Our team of experts calculate the strength of glazing required to take regular foot traffic for complete safety and watertight integrity and also to meet the necessary building codes for residential and the use of sandblasted finish to the external surface of the glass floor to create a rougher external surface. The glass is then finished translucent for ample light transmission through the structural glass unit whilst providing privacy and anti-slip resistance.

Court House

The combination between the traditional crittall window style and our modern frameless glazing incorporating our frameless double glazed pivot door designed and installed by our team of experts bringing the outside in whilst keeping the cold out.

Cromer Road

Working closely with our customers imagination we was able to make their dream a reality where we took on all of the glazing elements within the project from the stunning fameless sliding doors all the way to the balustrades.

Essex Road

Wording - This Unique poject in North London is an example of our modern framless glazing giving this apartment an ourdoor space from the inside. This allows the homeowners to enjoy the freshair without leaving their home. Incorpoating our very own framesless sliding doors giving very minimal sight lines.


This wonderful family wanted to be able to sit in there in their new bespoke Pure Glass Room being in the garden whilst still indoors, in fact, you might say, a Room Outside! It can be designed to look like the glass just rises out of the ground, and projects out of your wall forming a complete room made just from the glass.

Our clients originally wanted a standard aluminium conservatory, however, when they were rejected planning permission the was shown a frameless glass extension that really opened up their imagination.

Most listed properties turn to a frameless glass extension as it allows the natural beauty of the house to still be seen.

Glen Road

Incorporating Smart aluminium Bi-folding doors with our frameless glazing using a steel 'goal post' frame cladded in bespoke aluminium pressings, Polyester Powder Coated to match the doors.

Harrow Drive

A modern frameless glass balustrade system, giving your house a designer look while providing an uninterrupted view for an affordable price.

Lindor Road

In this project, the balustrades not only complement the modern style of the house but they also make an illusion that the room is much bigger as they do not block the view in any way. Also, the balustrades and double glazed screen are part of the structure of the staircase.

Lower Lye

This glass extension in Lower Lye is an example of the perfect terrace in your garden. Such building allows you to enjoy the nature even if it is cold outside. The same applies to warm summer evenings, just open the doors and let nature in.

News International

Here you can see an example of how bolted glass looks on a building. The buildings that use this type of glass assemblies look very contemporary and sleek.

Now you really can introduce a little wow factor to your property, giving it some extra light and space at the same time.

Pilot Boat Inn

Frameless Structural glass pod to a staircase leading to a restaurant from a roof terrace in Lyme Regis compromising of smart aluminium door opening giving excellent access for all of their customers providing insulation to the minimum perimeter channels/angles allowing all the glass to be structurally boned together all in one day to produce this stunning frameless glass box.

Our ability to solve unusual design challenges has led to an impressive portfolio of projects for many of the UK's top property developers.

Somerset Square

This project in Somerset Square makes use of a structural glass link not only to connect two parts on a building It completely opens up a the living area with a fully bespoke, double-glazed frameless glass roof comprising of two sides that bring joints to a minimal to bring the outside in.

Well Lane

This is a project we completed back in 2012 and we have only recently got back in 2017 to take some photos of the finished project and to see how the customer has kept this stunning projects over the years is wonderful and to see that everything is still working perfectly.

Wine Room

Our latest stunning glass staircase incorporated with a cooled wine room. beautiful and stylish, the staircase is made of pure glass frame and has glass steps to make it unique and glamorous. The glass stringers are to add the distinct look in the overall aesthetics of the staircase and the house. The glass staircase with lateral stringers is perfect for the home.

Triple laminated glass stringers with the outer skin of glass cut out to take the glass treads and risers making whole structure frameless making it visually astonishing

We Back Painted the Glass stringers/walls which each weighed over 300kg hiding services that were behind to chill the room.

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